The QV1 Wellness Room is a bespoke studio space dedicated to mind and body health. Located on Hay Street next to QV1’s premium End of Trip facilities, the QV1 Wellness Room hosts a range of classes by SportsHall, including yoga, mat pilates, barre and more.

QV1 tenants will be offered up to four free classes per week as part of QV1’s wellness programme. Classes are also open to the public and may be registered through SportsHall.

SportsHall operates in partnership with SkillAthletic Hay Street; a new group fitness studio offering innovating training programs, paired with advanced technology to track your progress and results.

Limited time discounts available on memberships and classes. For further details on how to register and for fees, membership or class details, contact:

Email: manager@skillathletichayst.com

Phone: 0404 727 984